Google Translate Serbian Tool – If Human Translators Be Careful?

So this will be the first in what is planned to be a series of articles looking at automatic and machine translation, both in the context of Serbian-English translation and of translation in general. In this article we will look briefly at the quality of Google’s automatic Serbian-English translation and explain why we do not think translators and translation companies working in the Serbian-English pair should be too concerned for their livelihoods right now.

An example of Google’s Serbian English translation

Let’s carry out a little experiment first. We took a paragraph of Serbian text (taken from a Serbian Wikipedia article) and pasted it into the Google Serbian-English translation tool.

A human translation from the Serbian to English would read something like this:

Language Translation Services is comprised of segments of text in the source language and of their translation into one or more target languages. These segments can be passages, paragraphs, sentences or phrases. Individual words are not handled by translation memories, these are dealt with by terminology bases. Research has shown that many companies using multilingual documents use translation memory-based systems.

Within a few seconds, Google Translate outputs the following translation into English:

Translation memory consists of segments of the text in the original language and their translation into one or more target languages. These segments can be passages, paragraphs, sentences or phrases. Individual words are not in the field of translation memory, but they deal with terminology database. Research shows that many companies have multilingual documentation systems used to translating memory.


Can you understand it? Apart from a few problems the translator had in identifying passive/active constructions and an unknown word, of course you can! It’s certainly a lot better than any Serbian-English machine translation tool we’ve tried before. If you look at what an old-style machine translation (which shall remain nameless) did to this paragraph, maybe you can begin to appreciate how good Google Translate is:

Prepackage store Astoria oneself off segmentation textual on omnivore Jezebel too njihovog predator on unity whether over civilian Zika. Those segment might lie finders,passim,Berenice whether graze. Pojedinacne res did not of do menu prepacked memorize,vex oneself to them nave terminology baize. Sitar%u017Eivanja pokazuju ought gnome companion quo there are visejezicku documentation terrorist sister with prevaricator memorize.

I beg your pardon? That was supposed to be English, in case you were wondering! And NO, we did not doctor this in any way! Also, if anyone can tell us what”finders” are, they then understand more Middle English than we do!

Google Translate is possibly somewhat less effective with all texts since it had been with this one, however it’s definitely a significant improvement over the above mentioned case in practically all instances! So maybe translators need to think twice before blowing machine translation from Serbian to English (and other languages, even if that is anything to go by).


The important things to a Successful Translation?

considering converting one might believe it is simple work should you understand several language. Let alone that you may want to Translation Agency both written and spoken word understanding ‘languages’, cultural variations and fundamental wording semantics other great tales. No, translation is really a complex trade and companies and government have started to rely on expertise now more than ever before.

There are several requisites you’ll need before beginning your translation like the proper tools. These would come with bilingual dictionaries, encyclopedias and thesaurus. Slang dictionaries could be particularly helpful. Hard copies offline an internet-based electronic versions of the identical could be ideal. Any reference guides for example atlases, maps government directories from the client country are helpful.


Have a very good knowledge of what it’s you’ll be converting within the situation of documents, books, website content, reports or journals. Advance studying of the material will better advise you regarding your general knowledge of the task.

try to grasp the way the initial text was written and it is style and performance. Knowing ahead of time what you’re converting can make your work simpler. What you can do to understand you’re converting is crucial as well as in what pretext you’re defining the language you are writing. Selecting the correct vocabulary and articulation employed for the written text is important for your end product.

Make sure avoid expressing the incorrect concept of the language within the text. Think about what something means before you decide to translate it if you’re unsure. Why is sense in a single language might be an awkward or pricey mistake in another. Speaking your phrases aloud when translation provides you with a further opportunity to verify the precision from the translation, making certain that you’re using appropriate words with appropriate grammatical configuration.

Whenever you finish a sentence or paragraph enter into the habit of smoking of proofing it on to correct any mistakes you might have created using spelling, grammar or word usage. Whenever you complete the whole document or job itself go through it again and two times if required. The very fact you are feeling compelled to reread this means you’re uncomfortable with something. Make certain that overall context is communicated correctly.

Finally, knowing somebody that lives in the united states you’re converting to it might be ideal should you could email or fax them a duplicate of the work to allow them to peruse. They are capability to notice any language nuance or cultural inaccuracies can be very helpful.